Teacher’s Workshop

The Teacher’s Workshop is a two-day, program where educators learn about the fascinating subjects of Geology, Biology, and Paleontology.  Participants will be introduced to field and lab techniques that will give them a better understanding of the complexities of Earth’s History, while experiencing the unique imprint left on the land by millions and billions of years’ worth of sedimentation and fossilization. They will be presented with all the tools needed to curate a field sample kit that can be used in conjunction with personalized, age appropriate, and innovative activities and ideas to implement new teaching methods for introducing students to the unique history of Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin.

The course objective is Teacher Enrichment in the general area of Earth Sciences. To attain the following in teacher development, the natural surroundings found in northwestern Wyoming will be examined and explained. Teachers will obtain perspectives and hands on experience that they can in turn, use in physical labs and in lectures in the classroom for students all ages, K-12. Participants will be:

  • introduced to field techniques while working in the field
  • educated on geology while seeing outcrops and gathering their own hand samples
  • learning about deep time while collecting fossils from sites between 90 and 530 million years old, all within a 50-mile radius of the museum itself
  • presented with materials that describe all of these topics in detail while experiencing them firsthand
  • able to bring back their newfound knowledge to their classrooms and future students
  • assembling a fossil kit and hand sample collection to utilize in the classroom

The Teacher’s Workshop is available for up to 10 participants at a time.  All participants in this program must be at least 18 years old and working in the field of education.  Materials provided will include personalized activity sheets, handouts containing more detailed information about the locations we will visit during the program, and an empty fossil/sample collection kit.  By the end of this program, you should have all the tools necessary to educate your students on the unique natural heritage of Wyoming and the Bighorn Basin as well as a more thorough understanding of geology and paleontology in general.

We provide all necessary tools and transportation from the museum to all informational stops.  Everyone is encouraged to dress for the weather and bring such necessities as sunscreen, hats, etc.  Everyone is required to wear closed-toe shoes (tennis shoes or hiking boots).  You will not be allowed to participate without the appropriate footwear. Please bring a refillable water bottle. 

No lodging is provided with this program.  2 lunches consisting of a deli sandwich, chips, fruit, and water are provided. If you have any dietary restrictions, please give us a call to inform us at the time of registration so that we can have appropriate substitutes available.

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