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Dig for a Day with the Wyoming Dinosaur CenterThe Wyoming Dinosaur Center Kids’ Dig Program provides a unique opportunity for youth, age 8 to 12, to experience a full day of digging, prepping and casting – and everyone gets a dino-mite souvenir to take home. This is one day on the job they will never forget!

The Kids’ Dig Program is limited to 25 children per session (this is a kids only program – parents will not be allowed to accompany their child). Advance registration is required. We meet at 8:30 in the morning, fill out waivers, fill up water bottles, and head to the field by 9:00. The group will be split into two or more smaller groups. A typical schedule would look as follows:

  • Dig site – we will transport the group up to a dig site and go over the basic rules of the site. This keeps both the participants and the bones safe (from such things as accidentally walking through the bone bed). Demonstrations of basic quarry techniques will lead into digging for dinosaurs! Usually, there is an hour and a half of digging time (often more than enough for most children). If your child would like to spend more time we would recommend the Dig for a Day Program, and at least one parent is required to participate with them.
  • Prospecting in the Sundance – we transport the group to the Sundance Formation. This geological unit represents an ancient shallow sea from the Jurassic. Participants will be shown typical fossils they can find, and will then be allowed to explore the hillside in small teams.
  • Lunch and terrace walk at the Hot Springs State Park – Lunch will be provided in the Hot Springs State Park. After lunch, we will guide the group on a tour of the terraces and discuss their formation, ecology, and local lore.
  • Preparation Lab – while one group is touring the museum the other group will be working in the prep lab. Using toothbrushes and dental picks the children will remove matrix from dinosaur bones. The groups will then rotate.
  • Molding & Casting – During the afternoon the children will make a cast of a small fossil to take home with them. Proper molding and casting techniques will be taught and instructions given on how to use the materials.
  • Museum tour – we will take one group through the museum, starting with a discussion on the formation of the earth then travel through the ‘Walk Through Time.’ The journey concludes with over 58 mounted dinosaur skeletons!

When we do not feel conditions on the hill are safe, we will cancel the dig. Your registration fees will be refunded in full, or we will work with you to reschedule your dig if possible.

Cost includes materials, tools to excavate fossils and document activities, lunch, and transportation to and from the dig site. No lodging is provided with this program.

Can’t find the information you need? Please call us directly at (800) 455-3466.

View the Wyoming Dinosaur Center cancellation policy.

What to Expect

  • A brief orientation begins at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center at 8:30 AM on the day of the dig.
  • Transportation to the site leaves about 9:00 AM. No personal vehicles are allowed.
  • A sack lunch, consisting of a deli sandwich, chips, fruit, and water is provided at the dig site. Please contact us if you have any dietary restrictions.
  • If kids find a dinosaur fossil, technicians will show them how to preserve it while they are working and how to document their find.
The Kids Only (age 8-12) ticket sales has ended!


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